Wednesday, June 2, 2010


What to do with a day off..make Profiteroles...
never made them before, so good time as any to have a go.
1st attempt - I used the MasterChef cookbook Simple Choux recipe..
As i was making them I knew something was wrong, but followed the recipe.
after 10 mins in the oven, the little albino shaped doggy poop went into the bin
Went to the MC web site...instead of using the 3 yolks as stated in the recipe, you need to use the whole 3 eggs.
2nd attempt - much better, but not as big as I wanted, but filled with custard cream and topped with chocolate, the kids will love them.
3rd times a charm .... well I'll see :-)


coral said...

Oh My YUMMY !!!!!!

Kim said...

Profiteroles? You are a better woman than I am! They are yummy but too scary to make from scratch for me.