Sunday, August 1, 2010

I've got the knitting bug ...

And I dont knit that could be a problem !!
But I did attempt and finish a plain scarf to know I can knit..
then went to Morris & Sons in Melbourne
yesterday - this place has the most beautiful wool you could go or would go crazy over.
you would want it all..and thats from a non knitter :-)
This scarf took my eye, and it is an easy pattern , so going to have a go.
I have 2 wonderful besties -Coral & Lissy, who I can txt/email/scream to for help
if I get stuck ...
so will see how I go ...
the pattern is "susi swirls" and the colour is "fruit and nut" ..
the picture does'nt show the
dark purple / egg plant colour in it as well
Wish there was more of the brighter colours
in this wool. But I like it ..


Vicky said...

Go for it, once you master the basics there is no going back LOL. Love the wool and the pattern, pain that I don't live in Melbourne or get to visit very often :(

Bette said...

The Yarn is beautiful and the scarf looks really cute. You'll find knitting is as addicting as cross stitch.

coral said...

Ummm Lee-Ann it is very count your