Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Hellenic Republic dinner

Tuesday 14th September.
After meeting up with Helen we dragged
our suitcases up Collins st. to
The Cupcake Bakery
for morning tea....
this was the start of our culinary feast ....

Cupcakes with custard filled profiteroles & stickey date
Then after doing a bit of shopping in Collins St,
we caught the tram to our Motel for the night in Lygon St.
Unpacked and a quick bathroom visit of we go down Lygon St.
Lunch was at
KOKO Black...
all things chocolate ...
Belgium Hot Choc
& Choc blackforest torte, sour cherry macaron & cherry sorbet
for me

Helen had the passionfruit creme brulee, shortbread fingers
& chocolate & lime espuma

Back to the room after our walk down Lygon St

and then out to

Hellenic Republic

for the Melbourne Zoo fundraiser
George Colombaris was hosting
with 6 well reknown chefs cooking

The Menu ....

Helen with her 1st of many glasses of wine ..

me too ....

Shaun Presland - Sake, Sydney

Hiramasa kingfish sashimi slices with yuzu soy, jalapeno slice & fresh coriander
Junior tuna sashimi taco with chilled tomato salsa
Seared tuna dressed wtih yuzu juice, white soy nestled on salad wraps
with a hint of truffle oil
the tacos where bite size and so cute ...

ok onto the red ...

Joe Grbac - The Press Club, Melbourne
Travis McAuley - Hellenic Republic ,Melbourne

DIY Quail souvlaki ...

and boy was this delicious ..
BBQ quail, parsley, onions, dujon mustard
and the best chips ..

Matt Wilkinson - Pope Joan, Melbourne
Slow cooked octopus, shaved fennel. potatoes & chorizo ..
my 1st time for octopus..and my still had his little
"suckers" on ...
Roasted scllops, cauliflower, almond & goats curd salad

Shane Delia - Maha, Melbourne

Maha 12 hour lamb, pilaf & iceberg, radish & shanklish salad.

This was the most amazing lamb..could have eaten
a truck load myself ..
will definetly being going to Maha soon...
lamb lovers would adore this ...

Adraino Zumbo - Patisserie, Sydney
Chocolate cremeaux with lemon & olive oil gel, black olive puree
& burnt toast ice-cream.
Adriano is the reason I wanted to go to this dinner and this dessert
was very interesting and different.
Each individual component was good and bad, but when you put them all together
it was something else.
He also put "pop rocks" ..those little rocks that "pop"
in your mouth in a chocolate disk in the middle.
So while getting a taste sensation with all the different flavours, you also
got a physical sensation with the popping.
The burnt toast ice-cream really did taste like burnt toast ...
There was a 2nd dessert but forgot to take a photo -
Mango, corn & almond salad with coconut foam ..
also very different and not to keen on this one ..
I like my corn on the cob with butter LOL

Adriano, me, George, Shaun & Shane

Helen with Adriano & George

we also purchased Georges book..
couldn't leave without one
and of course he signed it for me ..

back to motel for the night ...
full buffet breakfast this morning and
then we caught the train back into the city
and of course we had to go to our regular haunt
Laurent Patisserie
for Macarons
and coffee ....
back to reality now ...
Think I am going to have toast for tea tonight.


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh I am soooooooooo jealous. You had a wonderful time... Look forward to hearing all about it when we troll the city eating and Coral

Anonymous said...

We had an amazing nigh and would do it again in a flash.
Helen xxx

Mel said...

Your soooooooooooo lucky!!!! I so wished I lived over East.

I forgot to take pics of my cupcakes :(
But I am making more tonight and a friend bought me a cupcake stand so I will post pics tomorrow.