Sunday, December 5, 2010

Decembers LK's Boo Club

this is the 1st chart on LK's Boo Club
1st one for December.
1 done 11 more to go ...
then ......
being waiting to start this ...
L&L's Mothers Tree.
Fabric is Sassys - hand dyed - Tan Temptation.
I have gone back to 1812, and have hit a wall,
no more information available :-(
I will have ....
1812-1845 Rebecca Glastonbury
1841-1929 Phoebe Burford
1868-1952 Marion Greig
1897-1964 Myra Beatrice Goulter
1921-1967 Honora Jean Goulter
1942 - Marion Eunice Rushton
1967 - me
1998 - Madeline Georgia

But undecided about adding Sebastian ...
I know once its framed I doubt it will ever be removed.
so do I add
Lee-Ann - mother of Madeline & Sebastian ...????


Marylin /Poussy said...

oh very lovely !
marylin France

Mel said...

Is that because its only women on there? I guess it depends on how you want it. I think it would be nice if you put both your kids names on there.

Vicky said...

I agree with Mel.