Friday, July 13, 2012

Old Melbourne Gaol

Today was the last day of the school holidays
I had the day off
so off we went to Melbourne
after the blood pressure monitor was taken off
and then a blood test.
where the nurse informed me
I have hard to find veins -
yes they were in hiding from the needle
and I'm a slow bleeder..
she joked she could have made a coffee
by time I filled 3 vials...

We went as Seb has been wanting
 to go see the
Old Melbourne Gaol for  while.

so after morning tea at Laurent ..think I have
made a mistake of taking the kids to my
favourite fab 4 haunt

we headed to the Gaol..

It felt really eerie and cold inside...

this is the mens holding cell
where they kept them before
being charged, up to 10
men could be in 1 cell at a time..
think that toilet has seen better days...

the padded cell and door....
the padded floor has now been replaced
with boards, still not a nice feeling
to be in there..

the ladies outdoor area,
they had 2 cells and spent
their outdoor time in here..
there was no roof to protect them from the

now the mug shoots..
hopefully these will be the only ones ever
and now we can see how how tall they both are..Seb's not that far off Mad
and no way was I standing there as Mad is already slightly
yes only slightly taller than me..

After that off to the Vic market,
then to Victoria harbour
at docklands..then  home

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