Sunday, June 30, 2013

I'm still here....

Nothing much has been happening except I survived the employee reduction at work.. 5 in my department left, turn up one morning, gone that afternoon..not a good day for all...but I'm thankful I still have my job.

Kids are doing well, Seb is now officially taller than me :-) Mad is still not seeing her dad, so we spend a lot of time together. I would never complain as I think it has brought is closer together...

I'm still going to Cross Fit twice a week now, can feel it in my clothes, but the scales are moving that number down :-(

Stitching wise... I'm in a funk..haven't stitched since Easter.. But that hasn't stopped me from buying.

The fab 4... Here we are after out last sat GTG in Melbourne

Coral, Lissy, Helen and me..

Decided one night we will so a SAL -( stitch along )
doing flower power.... What were we the thinking?? I must have had an extra sugar in my hot choc giving me a sugar

This is the fabric from crossed wing collection, dyed especially for it.

It's beautiful and HUGE !!!

That little pink spot...that's a plastic bobbin wound with thread...

I also had a chart - Token of Love I got with a gift voucher the kids gave me for Christmas , I was going to stitch it in red ..but I originally wanted purple..changed my mind and regretted it. I then saw it done in purple , so I splurged and got the purple thread...

But have I started . I still have my LHN Christmas cottages to stitch on my afghan... I've done 1/2 of 1.

I haven't even read a whole book. I got the kindle , downloaded heaps of books, and started reading 1, but haven't got into that either.

Need to get out the funk I'm in...

Any suggestions out there??

Oh and I went and got my top of my ear pierced...with a NEEDLE ...OMG what was I thinking?? It hurt like %##}^£, it's ok now..when I don't knock, touch or catch

Lee-Ann xx


Kim said...

Good luck with the FP SAL - that's a massive undertaking. As for the funk - I find you just can't fight it really. Just do what you need/want at any given time until the moment slides and hopefully it will be over soon.

coral said...

Matey come jin me in the flunk corner.

Helen said...

Looks like we are all in this funk together lol