Monday, August 12, 2013

2013 GTG

Well our GTG is over again....but only till November when we have another one.

The girls...Helen Coral & Lissy spoilt me, they provided all the meals..and OMG they outdid themselves.. Beautiful soup, casserole, chicken pies sticky date puddings..cakes and cupcakes..we didn't starve lol

It was a very relaxing weekend, where I was bossed about and waited on, and spent all but maybe 2 hours in my PJ's... Under instructions I'm nt to,do a thing.

We did stitch...and Lissy had 2 finishes ... Woo hoo a miracle for us. :-)

Beautiful flowers from the 3 most beautiful friends ever a girl could want xxx

Cupcakes supplied by Coral, white choc & raspberry ...

Helen's sticky date decorated quite fancy...

Corals gift to us..a mug that has this cute cover with pockets in and around it

It's sitting on my stitching table already in use...

Lee-Ann xx

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