Monday, September 1, 2008

Almost new addition to the family ...

This ..hopefully will be the new addition to our family. He is a "he" and a cross between a maltese/schtzu (mum) and mini jack russell (dad) ...what a combination ! We will be picking him up in 3 weeks time, Madeline & Sebastian cant wait.
No name as yet as we cant decide. The daughter of the owner has called him "schnitzel" ...dont think we will keep that name ... Madeline suggested Coco, Toto and Milo ...Sebastian of course is naming superheroes ...Oswald ...aka Penguin in Batman..
We will be searching for names further!!


Kim said...

Hi Lee-Ann,
I see a recurring theme in your blog, and it ain't cross stitch! Those cupcakes look adorable, might have to find the recipe and makes some "one day". Love the puppy also, toooooo cute!
Kim in Aus

Bette said...

The puppy is adorable! What fun your kids will have with him!