Saturday, December 12, 2009

A busy day decorating .....

Madelines house
Sebastians house

After spending 2 hours this afternoon re-arranging Sebastians bedroom ready for his new bed, we started to decorate the gingerbread house and men.

We also made 2 chocolate houses, 1 for us and one for nana - my mum

She popped up to help decorate and eat chocolate..

Seb made mums with her help and Mad made ours ...

The gingerbread men ....

Mad & Seb each decorated a side of the house, so there was no theme apart from

"I can put more on than you" !!

Left side - Sebs
right side - Mads

Madelines side - she made a "M" in jelly beans,
you can just make it out inbetween the M&M's !

Sebs side - he loves freckles !

We had a fun night full of mess, laughing and eating ...

I love doing things with my 2 favourite people xxx

So now all I have left to make are the shortbreads ...


coral said...

They are so clever...and the results look YUMMY...Did you all feel icky after all that choccy?

Sandy said...

You have all been busy. Love the gingerbread house, each side equally loaded with goodies. Hope you have lots of visitors coming to help you eat it all.