Tuesday, December 1, 2009

I'm running out of time !!!

I am slowly running out of time before Santa arrives...

I have shopping to do.. checking my list, 1, 2 & 3 times ..

I have my last cupcake class Wed night - its a christmas biscuit one - so be prepared for photos

I have just put a double lot of fruit into a container with heaps of brandy to soak, I need to make christmas cakes and going to attempt some fruitcake cupcakes ..fingers crossed they work.

Kids want to make a gingerbread house - which we will do

I want to make christmas biscuits and name each one for the christmas table gift - only have to make 18 !!

We have Mad & Sebs school concert next thursday night - need to get costumes

Madeline has an overnight school camp and i am helping do the breakfast

Also have end of year school parties they both want me to help out with on the same day at 2 different places and make party food.

I want to finish, but have my doubts, my cross stitch mountianeer Santa bell pull , done 1, 2nd in progress, 3rd - well maybe Christmas 2010.

Oh one last thing I forgot - work nearly every day until christmas - even weekends, and no doubt there will be a midnight shift in there :-)

We also have my nephews 1st birthday on Boxing day, but party on NYE. I am making the cake - its a pirate theme, so its going to be a pirate cake. So have to make sure I have all the colours and ingredients from the cake deco shop before christmas.

So think I may need to plan my days and nights for a while to get it done ...no point really complaining as its....

and I love it xxx

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