Friday, May 7, 2010

the birthday presents continue ....

I received money for my birthday and have just had a chance to spend it.
It was spent in the following way ....

just love this one ..

So that now makes 108 books ....
But just had to have these.
Planet Cake was featured on Masterchef with the childs birthday party, they helped with the birthday cake. I have been picking this book up everytime I am in the book dept at work..which is alot LOL so just went and got it.

Also transferred some to the Visa to use and spend online purchasing some cross stitch
kits ...

I also picked up a pr sneakers 1/2 price, some vanilla melts from Dusk, a top and also ordered
2 T's from thing I didnt get myself while in Disneyland is a T, so ordered 2...Minnie & Mickey ...and they were on sale haha
So I think i did very well..
Come on Mothers Day ....xxxx

1 comment:

Mel said...

You got some awesome birthday pressies. Happy Birthday!