Tuesday, May 18, 2010

My mums birthday ..

Thanks to a special friend -Coral,who shared
her cupcake bouquet with me, I was able to make
one for my mums birthday cake tonight.

Mum -nana, Mad & Seb.
As we were leaving the waitress asked if I made them, told her it was just a hobby. She said the apprentice chef saw me walking in with it, and ran out and told everyone she just saw the most beautiful cake. She apprently is a cupcake fanatic like me ..even down to getting a tattoo - I cant go that far LOL
Anyway, the waitress called out to her that I was there as she wanted to speak to me ..
The waitess went to the door and yelled out ...
" ..... the CUPCAKE LADY is here !! "
well my SIL burst out laughing and my brother thinks its hilarious ..
think I will be know as the
from now on LOL


coral said...

Beautiful you got your roses with nice full blooms ...just so pretty...I have to make one with Musk icing too...

Vicky said...

Love the cake, it is awesome!

marylin & poussy said...

Happy birthday these flowers are magnificent! Best regards of France

Kim said...

Hey, you've always been known as the cupcake queen to me! LOL
The bouquet looks lovely, care to share how you did it?