Saturday, January 15, 2011

photos ...

santa is still growing
so is the dinoasaur.

Sebs lego table,he wont pull them they sit here
gathering dust..and now thats his job..
to dust the lego ..

with all the rain and high humidity we have had, I think it was
Thursday is was 95% here, my frangapanis are doing great,
( the pots need a clean due to the heat, wind, & rain..dirt everywhere ..)
us ..well we were dripping wet and so was the house, the tiles on
the floor were soaking wet, and the washing took 3 days
to dry.
so glad I dont live in a tropical area.
And Queensland is still flooding, and we have had it here
in Victoria too.

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Marian said...

Beautiful kids! And I love their names.