Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Totally Useless post ....



Totally Useless Stitch/Save A Long ....
This is my container that I put all my useless ends of threads in when
I cut them off.
A.K.A. Orrts ... no idea what that means :-)
Instead of them going all over the floor/couch/clothes/kids/dog
I put them in here.
I started with a snaplock bag nearly 3 years ago,
and when we got back from Disneyland
I had this Goofy Cotton Candy - fairy floss container.
so I use this now.
I transferred all the threads in the bag to here ....
mental or what ???

Now I see a TUSAL group starting ..
hey I have been doing this for years and didnt know it had a name. lol
But they have all started their TUSAL containers /fancy jars / beautiful vases
afresh .. So do I do it too for 2011 ???
But yes.. mental me doesnt think I can throw out all those threads..
I have an attachment to them idea why ...
but cant throw them out ..
I can put them back into a snaplock bag..I actually thought about getting a
christmas bauble that can open and put the threads
in there ...and have a stitchy christmas ornament ..
also do I get a fancy jar or keep using my Goofy cotton candy plastic container ...
There is a story to the container - when in Disneyland the kids wanted
Cotton Candy - fairy floss...mean me said no ..full of sugar ...
but on the last day before we left for the last time I got them a container
to share ..yes no more mean mum lol
we all ate some before we flew home, and we brought the rest home ...and couldnt throw out the container either ...its from Disneyland xx

and if you have read this fair and think I'm mental

thats ok, so do i !! ....xx


Stitching Noni said...

Love your TUSAL container... My old raggedy threads (ORT's) are just in a Moccona coffee jar!! Think I will have to find something much prettier before the next full moon!

Come over and visit my TUSAL pic at

Danielle said...

Your container looks great! Do the clear ornament with the previous threads. You could even write the year on it in permanent marker.

coral said...

Now that is one very groovy Tusal container.

Bette said...

I've been doig this for over 20 years and now have a TUSAL (actually called Floss Ball) That's the size of a basketball. Do I think you're mental? Nah!

Kim said...

haha, yes you are mental! LOL.