Saturday, April 9, 2011

The FAB 4's day out ...

was today .. .we havent been together in so long,

it was so good to catch up and talk ..oh and eat ...

we met at a french pattisserie Laurent

for starters ...

coffee & macaroons, & cake ..

then to a few shops we visit all the time ,

while heading to one we discovered a new

chocolate place ..

Chocolate Ganache ..

we were heading to Lincraft first to get Coral

a crochet hook, Lissy& I were looking what floor it was on,

turn around and Helen & Coral have sprinted across the

road to Chocolate Ganache ...never seen them run so quick lol

lots of chocolate everywhere and we had an iced chocolate devine.

then back to shopping and a late-ish lunch at Lindt ...

while browsing thru Myer we came across this book

and had a good laugh ...

365 reasons to sit and eat ???

seriously have to have a reason ???

ice choc we had ... another great day out .. oh and quote of the day ... in Laurent going up to order ... Lissy - " I dont think i want cake ' !!! WHAT ???? her excuse for saying such a disgusting thing was she knew we where going to be eating all day and was going to pace herself ..or something like that ... she ended up having a coffee and a lemon tart

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Chocolates4Breakfast (TerriBoog) said...

Sounds like a fun day out! I am a chocolate loving girl, obviously and would have been sprinting to the chocolate store as well. BUT, I LOVE cake, too and would have just pigged out all day long, I think. FUN!