Monday, April 18, 2011

Memories ...

I have had these 2 teddy bears since I was born.

The yellow one used to growl when tipped

upside down, now its a very sad growl.

The black & white one is


my dad brought him for me the day I was born.

I took him everywhere and slept

with him everynight.

Left photo is my dad and I having a tea party

and you can see the yellow bear in the

cot and Panda is a little out of view.

The right photo is me with Panda

They now sit with pride

on my bed .. .


Carolyn said...

I think that is AWESOME that you still have those treasures! I wish I had some of mine, but I would imagine by now they would have rotted away! LOL I love the pictures! Thank you for sharing them with us. What wonderful memories you must have with your "friends". :)

Kim said...

Thanks for the memories, both yours and mine. I also had a bear that growled when tipped, we must be about the same age! I don't recall what happened to him :-(