Saturday, March 10, 2012

birthday present time ...

at 6.30am ....
he was a little excited ..

 happy birthday from my Ipad ..
 we sent away and got this
signed photo of his favourite player
Nani ..

 and Man U shorts ...
 the present pile
from this morning ..
 1 thing he has wanted for a while
is a proper leather soccer ball ..
so he got one and I think
he loves it..
told him with the price of it
he cant take it outside and get it dirty

 and I found this T in Melbourne
a few weeks ago and had to have it..

MAN U ..
thats my boy...

his choice for breakfast was
choc big M & hot cross buns ..

then to his soccer semi final  at 9am
this morning ..

which they lost 3-1 ..

but they all played a great game
and dont think i could handle
a grand final

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