Sunday, March 25, 2012

O eeeM Geeee

Take 1 box of

And a box of

And a packet of

Combine all together

And you get this

Deliciously gooey chocolate

Now the name.....

Slutty Brownies....

I can't call them that in front of the kids...

"Hey Seb what's that you're eating?"
Slutty brownies..!!!

I don't think

So they are now DEVINE brownies..

Lee-Ann xx


coral said...

Oh my gosh !!!!

Vicky said...

I printed this recipe out on Friday and left it sitting on my desk over the weekend. Definitely on my to try list LOL

Kim said...

I can post comments again! I saved this recipe and wasn't sure how good a couple of packet mixes would be, but if you give them the OK, that's enough for me! Where did you get the double stuffed oreos?