Sunday, April 22, 2012

Another Fab 4 day out ..

This time to celebrate Megan - Helens DD baby shower.
I was quite proud of myself as I drove over 1 1/2hrs to get there..
on the freeways in Melbourne, over the Westgate & thru
the Burnley tunnel - no way could I shut my
eyes while driving thru it

Once again Helen outdid herself and
knew why I drove that far ..

such a fun afternoon for someone
very special.

the Fab 4 ..with Lissy being silly with a bow in her hair ..

soon it will be
the fab 4 - us
3 gorgeous girls - Megan, Candice & Mad
1 adorable ??


xstliss said...

Another amazing day. Can't be anything else when the 4 of us get together. Candice made a new friend (Chloe). Helen yours and Michael's family are a hoot and oh so loud. I can't believe we still have to wait 5 more weeks until the new precious one arrives.

Bette said...

Love the rubber duckie cupcakes! So cute!