Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Just call me ....

Lady Lee-Ann ....

I have been doing my family history
for quite a few years now, so far I have 2 First Fleet convicts,
and a very naughty female convict ...oh and a murderer, but everyone
else is normal far

but last night I found that I am the
30th half great grand niece of
William the Conqueror ..

Yes I am royalty ...

his mother
Herleva "Arlette" Fitz Courtanneur Countess Mortaigne Duchess Normandy Falaise
who is my 31st Great Grandmother
was a mistress ..shhhh not telling that bit ..
Robert I "The Devil" "The Magnificent" V Duke of Normandy

Robert of Normandy paying court to Lady Herleva

they had a illegitimate child
William ...The King of England

she then went on to marry
Harlevin de "Burgo" "Chevalier" - Viscount of Conteville
and have more children and a daughter
Emma de Burgo of Normandy Lady De CONTEVILLE
who is my
30th Great Grandmother and half sister
to William ..

I think
Lady Lee-Ann is better than
Princess Lee-Ann ..

but I always knew had the "princess" in me ..

I know my daughter
Madeline does for sure


Chocolates4Breakfast (TerriBoog) said...

Awesome! Family history is so fun!

Chris said...

Very cool! your highness :) LOL

Vicky said...

I curtsy at your awesomeness LOL

Bette said...

Does this mean we have to curtsy when we comment? LOL!

Lee-Ann said...

yes bette, curtsy will be fine