Saturday, February 27, 2010

Day 2 ...Universal Studios

After finding out it was going to cost $160 for the 4 of us to get to Universal studios and that the public transport isnt the greastest. We decided to hire a car - the cheapest way to get around ..and the most scariest. Worse than a theme parl rollercoaster !
Driving on the "wrong" side is very frightening, and you have to remember to stay to the left not the right LOL
Getting there was easy, just scary.
Left at 9am and got home st 8pm.
what a day ..
The Simspons ride was fantasatic -went on it twice, Jurassic pasrk ride twice and the kids and Jon went on the Mummy ride twice - not for me.
The studio back lot tour was great, they were filming Desperate Housewives, Ghost Whisper and the new Meet the Parents movie - starsing Robert Di Niro & Ben Affleck - but not a star to be seen :-(
Heaps of other shows to see and all fantastic, and we will be back tomorrow for more rides ..

we found this great ice cream called Dippin Dots ..little balls of ice cream !
so yumm

Also at one of the hot dog stands I just had to take a photo of the alcohol they sold.

Look how huge the Fosters can & Corona bottle are !

Depserate Housewives - this use to be The Munsters house

Susans house

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