Saturday, February 27, 2010

G'Day from L.A. 1

The flight..

We left home at 6am and the first part was the 3.5 hrs flight to New Zealand at 11.35am - it was on time !

Perfect flight, no turbulance and the meal was nice.

Then landed in NZ for 2 hours.

Then thru customs, everything had to be searched, amazing the process, body seasrches and all.

Then off to L.A. -12 hours later and another perfect flight we landed 24 hours from when we left home.

Customs and immigration was a breeze - after all I had heard, we must have been lucky.

Then finally at our apartment for a shower, then a look around.

Arriving in New Zealand

Kids enjoyinng their plane meals and t.v /games

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Bronny said...

I'm glad you had an uneventful flight and arrival. Looking forward to seeing all your adventures.
So Happy for you all !!!!