Monday, February 22, 2010

A party when you are not having a party ...

Sebs 9th birthday is when we are away, so on his actual birthday we are all going to have breakfast at Disneyland with Goofy and his friends in the morning, then Jon is taking him to a sports bar !! watch Manchester United play, then back to Disneyland for the day, then out for tea.
Then the next day we are going to Legoland so he can spend his birthday money LOL.
That is his birthday celebration.
So Seb wasnt having a party ! Well he wasnt having a party !
But I couldn't let him go without a cake and a family party and of course he had to have a few friends..
OK I love birthdays and he is only 9 once ...well technically he is still 8 !
So family BBQ on Saturday night with 2 friends from school, and his Manchester United cake.
He was a very happy 8 almost 9 yr old :-)

The cake

With his friend Jed

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