Sunday, February 12, 2012

Its been a hard day

For some...

And that blanket is his favorite, along with his 1 in his bed. He either has 1 or them both together and "sooks" on them...

He does this all the time, the blanket isn't chewed, he just "paws " it and "sooks" on it. We call them his " blankies" and he knows it.

Our first dog Toby did the same, but it was on a jumper of mine I ruined with a white out incident.. Long story ..lid stuck, me yanking, liquid paper everywhere.. and we called her " Tiffany" .. The jumper was a designer label.. Back before kids lol. We buried him with Tiffany, as I couldn't throw Tiffany out, or him be alone.

Lee-Ann xx

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