Monday, February 6, 2012

A pretty parcel & a finsh..almost..

I have almost finished my mini egg, but I ran out of thread last night.
Not happy jan !! 4 rows to go and I don't have any more.
But lucky for me lissy has 1/2 a skein she is posting off to me..

I wish designers would mark on the charts how many skeins you need..

And a parcel delivery...

Love the paper silver needle wrap their orders in. This is the only time I am very careful to unwrap I can re use

And inside...

My fabric & buttons for SB scatter eggs and their new releases
Black snowman & poor robins pinkeep. Also ordered more perforated
Paper & thread for sweet treats..

Lee-Ann xx


coral said...

How exciting ! I see lollies lol

Lee-Ann said...

I know...jelly bellys..I dont get them all the time, and now the kids have knocked them off lol

Chris said...

Arrgh! I can't believe you ran out of thread. That is so frustrating.
Wonderful new treats.