Sunday, February 5, 2012

Sebs big day at soccer...

Last night - Saturday
Seb was ballboy for
Melbourne Victory Vs Melbourne Heart
at AAMI Park in Melbourne.
He had to be dropped of
at 5.30pm for an 8pm game.
So Jon  -Sebs dad ..dropped Mad and me
into the city and then we went
to the ground to watch later.
So it was Mads turn to
shop with me..
We started with a visit to
KoKo Black

for afternoon tea,
Iced Choc for Mad & Iced Coffee for me.
Then we went shopping.
Had to visit a wool shop - Morris & sons , which I had brought
some linen from. It was cut so bad
I took it back. they said it wasnt acceptable
so gave me a replacement piece with 10cm
added on..good customer service.
While there, there is a english shop
that we always visit - ( these 2 shops are
always on the Fab 4 route too)
And came out with a T-shirt for sebs birthday - a Man U one of course
and Mad met the Queen..
she popped in for a browse.
Then a visit to Myer, David Jones
I didnt realise these shops are open
to 7pm which was great.
Then I had promised her
tea at the Pancake Palour
we dont have one near us
so this was a treat.

Ham , pineapple & cheese crepe for Mad

Chicken & mushroom crepe for me

Then onto the game to see Melbourne Vic
 Seb the Ball boy...
we were about 5 rows behind him
which was great.
when he got there, they took them into the
inner sanctum ..they saw the gym, medical room,
change rooms, pool...
saw the Victory players arrive -by bus and set up
their gear.
They got uniforms to wear.
 soccer isnt Mads "thing"
so she spent it listening to her music
and taking photos - like.."smile mum" which a few
times i wasnt ready, i am hoping they have been
.. and watching
the cheer squad..who are so loud and
entertaining ..
 The line up.
Melbourne Victory -lime green - (away tops)
Melbourne heart - red & white
its was a warm day, and the
night weather was perfect for a game.

 Seb - bottom left in blue.

he had a great time,
didnt stop talking about what
he saw, and who he saw..
3 of his favourite players up
so close ..
pity they couldnt take the camera in  :-(

on the way home 11.15pm
he said he was hungry.
i asked him what they gave them to eat.
Nothing..they couldnt find the food !!
how can you loose food for 24 kids ???

so a quick drive thru Mc D's
for a cheese burger meal
and he was right..


Annette B said...

That food looks delicious. Glad you had a great time.

Kim said...

Sounds like a good time was had by all. At PP I can't go past the the cheese & potato pancake with bacon bits. YUM!!