Saturday, March 9, 2013

I'm still here....

And almost back to sat was a practice the heat..

Now home in the cool..and this "little" boy of mine is 12 tomorrow. We have 3 boys coming over tonight for Xbox pizza and whatever else.. Then tomorrow a quite day playing with his presents ..then a family tea...

All is ok here, the house has gone them and its all mine.. Thankfully no hassles, and he agreed to it all.. He really had no choice.

At the end of April mum , kids and myself are heading to Sydney for a few days.. I need a break away...

Seb is going good right now, seems to be ok with dad nights..Mad ...well she isn't even speaking to her dad at the minute, hasn't since end Jan, she has some issues with him and what he has done, she currently wants nothin to do with him.

So she is with me everyday.. I honestly think he can't change how she feels, but she needs time..and we can't force her to see him..she is 14 and has opinions and a mind of her own, and forcing her with all those girl hormones won't do any good I think..

Stitching wise.. I have done a small amount..but brought no stitching hasn't stopped me...haha

I'm thankful I have what I may not be what I want ..but it could be worse.. And I have the best 3 BFF's who hear my whining, and offer advise..

Lee-Ann xx

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coral said...

Yes sweetness you are still here and standing tall and proud. You know we love you heaps.