Sunday, March 31, 2013

She has been...

She waited until 7am as the kids didn't go to sleep until after midnight and I was in bed she had to wait ...

E.B got them onesies each.. Haven't got a photo of Mad but here is Seb on his Flash one...

And Mads 1D lollies from. The UK

We had a very nice breakfast, just the 3 of us... Chocolate, mocha & fruit hot cross buns to choose from, and Big M milk..their favourite..

Then we went to mums for morning tea with my family...i made red velvet cakes

Home for a big walk with Mad and came home with a lost dog... After a few calls and an hour later her mum was here to pick her up...

Then we each did our own thing..Seb - Xbox, mad ..Skype, me - stitch..

Then mum came up for tea.. Nice tea with just the 4 of us, normally it's the whole family .. It was nice to have a quiet stress free day..

The Kids are doing fine, Seb was to go to his dads tonight, but chose not to, Mad is still here with me, they are old enough to make their own decisions of where they want to go.

Me - I am getting better day by day..and finally realize..there is nothing wrong with me, I did nothing wrong, I was loyal, committed and honest for 27yrs..
I can live with that...

I'm getting back to cooking and stitching which I enjoy, reading.. I need to find the time still.. There are so many things to do and so little time..working full time sucks.. But it pays the bills..

Happy Easter xxxx

Lee-Ann xx

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